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Sage Clearing Spray

Sage Clearing Spray

SKU: 0850017357204

If it’s time to clear your space and your body reach for our Sage Clearing Essential Oil Spray for instant results! The lavender and clary sage help cleanse your mind, body, and soul with one easy spritz. The base for our essential oil spray is distilled water and witch hazel that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Clary sage is often used as a natural mood booster and encourages new ideas and creativity. We created our Sage Clearing Blend collection because we believe that cleansing the body and spirit should be as accessible and simple as washing in your shower or adding a touch of pure essential oils to your daily routine!

Clary Sage is used in clearing away mental blockages and lingering negative energy. It is cleansing, protective, and has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries.

Clary Sage Affirmation

I now clear away any and all energy that no longer serves me.

How to Use

Spritz our essential oil spray all over your body anytime you need a reset. This can be used to help clear your space and your own energy field. Our essential oil spray is perfect for travel and it is instrumental when you need a smokeless alternative to smudging!

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